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The Coney Island Corn Dog is when a guy does a woman in the corn hole while riding the ferris wheel at Coney Island. However, this can occur at any amusement park.
Grandpa Granger: Hey sonny did you go to Coney Island the other day?

Danger Granger: Why yes grandpa, and I took my new girlfriend.

Grandpa Granger: Well I hope you gave her a Coney Island Corn Dog!

Danger Granger: I certainly did grandpa. Although I don't think you know what a Coney Island Corn Dog means these days.

Grandpa Granger: It's when you do your woman in the corn hole on the ferris wheel. Your grandma still enjoys a good Coney Island Corn Dog to this very day!

Danger Granger: I want to high-five you, but I think I'm gonna go now.
by Teratoma69 June 14, 2011
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When you take a messy shit on a bed sheet, smear it over a large area, and then wrap a naked chick it your shit covered sheet.
Yo that girl was pissed when I tried to turn her into a Coney Island Corndog
by ratchetmesss August 27, 2013
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