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A woman who has high rankings on the political spectrum. Rice is well known for her great efforts to bring about peace around the world, along with fighting terrorism. Condelizza Rice is a lovable version of George W Bush. She is a possible canidate for president in 2008. Another possible canidate would be Hillary Clinton.

If Rice was voted as president, not only would she be the first woman as president, but also the first person of color. It would show the world that America is in fact not racist, and could help America all away around. Compared to Clinton, Rice is far more moderate, with a slight taste of conservative. Clinton leaves that sour liberal taste that won't go away.

You might think Clinton would be a great president since she is a woman. Well then, that's sexist. But if you want to think in that frame, Condelizza Rice would be a great president because she is a black woman. Vote Rice '08, vote for progression.
New York voted for Hillary, the state where drugs are everywhere and kids sell themselves for sex and there is rap music and they cannot read. (An no changes since elections) Wel, four thos in Neu York, reed dis. Zoot up a cap in da ass and smok ur weed, Rice be prez for '08. Fizzizzle.
by kewlmanme123 May 08, 2005
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