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A concrete pizza occurs when plant matter such as grass and leaves finds its way or is placed onto a concrete or cement surface before it dries. For added effect, one may put tomatoes, onions, and even pepperoni in the mix. If a sealer is applied onto a concrete pizza, it is then known as a complete concrete pizza.

WARNING: Concrete pizzas are not edible. Consumption will result in dental damage, esophageal lacerations, digestive system shutdown, and probably death. If ingested, contact Wendy Northcutt from the Darwin Awards immediately, because you would be a serious candidate for the award.

Note: Concrete pizzas can be ugly and structurally weak; customers are highly unlikely to pay for them.
"The customer was not very impressed by the concrete pizza on his porch, and was even less impressed when we sealed it with tomatoes and onions.
by CapitaoChaos March 18, 2014
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