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Concilism is a system of government organization in which the legislative branch of government is divided into four independent base councils that both vote on legislature and elect their members, internally. These base councils are presided over by a people’s council, it’s members elected by the citizenry, which holds a veto over any proposed legislature. The elimination of political parties and organizations leads to the executive branch simply becoming an unbiased instrument used to carry-out the legislature passed by the councils. The judicial branch also remains unbiased and separate from the other branches of government and operates under the Rule of Law. All branches of government and all citizens are bound legally by a written constitution.
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by MaxConcilist February 28, 2009
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Concilism is a federal system of government organization in which the central government is divided into three branches: academic, legislative, and judicial. The academic branch of government accepts and trains aspiring legislators at a central political academy, graduation from which being mandatory in order become a national legislator. The legislative branch of government is bicameral. The upper "states'" council is elected by the citizenry with each state receiving representation proportional to its population. The lower "legislative" council is elected through staggered elections in the upper council, and is the only federal government body possessing legislative initiative. Proposed legislation must be approved by a simple majority vote in the upper council before being passed into law. State governments also have a veto over proposed legislation, requiring a supermajority vote in which each state possesses one vote. The judicial branch remains separate from the other branches, adheres to the rule of law, and exercises judicial review. The entire Concilist system operates under a national constitution which grants inalienable civil rights to all citizens, abolishes partisan politics, ensures the separation of church and state, and vastly limits the powers of the central government.
by concilistmt December 03, 2010
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