(Also known as CTD) When you send text after text to someone with any thought that enters your mind, regardless of whether they respond to any of your texts or not. Even when you realize that this is what you're doing, you are helpless to stop yourself.
Friend 1- "I've sent him five texts and he hasn't responded to one of them."

Friend 2- "Why don't you give it a rest already? He's probably busy."

Friend 1- "I know, I just can't stop myself."

Friend 2- "Sounds like you've got a case of Compulsive Texting Disorder to me!"
by Charlotte's Tangled Web July 14, 2008
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- a condition in which an individual would rather text (communicate via text messaging) than verbally communicate (via phone) texter
- individuals who suffer from CTD may become proficient in text jargon ( LOL , OMG, TTYL , etc)
Man, this chick must have Compulsive Texting Disorder 'cause everytime I try to call her she ignores my call but then she texts me right afterwards.
by Trailer Trash Triplet #2 February 5, 2010
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