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Guy who sits in a bathroom stall and tells jokes to the guy sitting next to him in the other stall(s).
Man I wish this guy would shut up and let me poop in peace. He's a real comodian with all these stupid jokes. Just leave me alone already.
by Bliff Blaffington April 14, 2009
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someone who is trying to be a comedian, but isn't funny
Karen attempted to entertain us with her humor and wit, but she ended up being a comodian.
by Papapichu February 02, 2007
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1. A Person Who Is Genuinely Funny, Sometimes Without Trying

2. Opposite of Comedian
"Bill, he's such a comodian"

"Joseph is so funny, he is in no way a comedian. All of his friends tell me he's a comedian
by mmrsrgrt23 May 30, 2011
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