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When the comments written by the audience or readers are more interesting or humorous than the actual source itself, the only reason you remain in / return to the source is because it has a 'Comment Buzz'. This can be applied to almost any social networking site where viewers can express opinions such as youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.
1) Tim: Dude, you're watching Friday by Rebecca Black? What are you, like 12?
James: Man, chill, sometimes I come for the comment buzz.
Tim: Yeah, sure.

2) Wayne: Check out Alana's hot bikini selfie on Facebook.

Chad: .. Found it. It's not that hot. You can't really see her boobs.
Wayne: Scroll down and check out the comment buzz! There's an argument between her ex, her sister and her new boyfriend. I think her ex is threatening to release her nudes!
Chad: No way!

3) "I'm reading this story online that's pretty lame. Only reason I keep reading is because of the hilarious comment buzz on one of the ships."
by Mang0Luver December 28, 2014
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Comment Buzz is a new way of making people buzz on social networking sites / dating sites and alike it basically means you send a person numerous comments at once on photos or profile that are flattery
picture 1, hi your hot
picture 2, you look so cute
picture 3, wow amazing

reply, Wow you Comment Buzz me
by pablobricktop June 13, 2009
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