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A bilingual (French/English) phrase with layered meanings, made famous by A$AP Mob in 2012 when a Comme des* Fuckdown hat was worn in their Vice shoot.
Comme des Fuckdown is a brand by streetwear vet Russ Karablin. The design is a re-release of one done with Jamie Story 8-10 years prior for their brand The Cut.
* 'des' because poking fun at Japanese fashion brand Comme des Garçons, not 'de'.
Omiglob, those chicks with the designer purses think they're such hot shit - Comme des Fuckdown

Whatever spelling, comme de fuckdown.
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by yaaqob22 October 26, 2016
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An expression which comes from writing the sentence "Calm the fuck down" as if it were French: "Comme" for Calm, "de" for the, and Fuckdown altogether. It is probably trying to make fun of both English slang (da/de used for "the") and French language (or, of French people that don't know how to write English properly).

The expression "Comme de Fuckdown" was made popular by a Dutch apparel company producing caps, t-shirt and goodies displaying that sentence.
What is this "Comme de Fuckdown" everyone is wearing? - Don't know dude, some Dutch company.

I'm going to freak out... - Comme de Fuckdown (Calm the fuck down)
by BBB's cube September 16, 2013
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