Hm! She is made of harder stuff! Cardinal Fang! Fetch...THE COMFY CHAIR!
by Joink June 6, 2018
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MG whoring Call of Duty player.
Derived from the Monty Python skit featuring the Spanish Inquisition. The Comfy Chair is the most feared torture device in which unbelievers are vigorously poke by soft cushions. Nobody expects this because Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!
by Pope_on_a_bender February 10, 2005
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This describes people who have a comfortable, privileged existence and go online to denounce cops and troops over not shooting someone in the leg who is trying to kill them!
Yes, that cop should have used pepper spray and called the comfy chair committee.
by I, Wreckerrr December 25, 2020
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