1. expressing and showing anger, strong resentment or frustration.

eg i was so angry that i had a total come apart

by neonbaby September 8, 2008
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A phrase derived from the fascinating high school course, "Coming Apart: The US in the 1960s." The phrase is remarkably successful at irritating others when injected constantly into conversation especially when its use does not make sense. Potatoes and anchors are particularly sensitive to the phrase and exhibit signs of repulsion and are prone to violent behavior upon hearing it.
Person A: Dude, your shoelace is undone. It's coming apart.
Person B: What the heck?
Person A: Your understanding of what I'm saying is coming apart.
Person B: Shut up.
Person A: It looks like our friendship is coming apart.
Person B: Dude shut up.
Person A: Your ability to use words longer than one syllable is coming apart.
(Person B punches Person A)
Person A: My blood vessels are coming apart.
by InThe1960s March 1, 2009
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I thought Lisa was going to have a high speed come apart when Mark wouldn't text her back.
by Lo-Gee July 8, 2011
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