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Combi Stick (Pronounced "Comb-Bee Stick"): A weapon of immense power if used correctly in the video game "Aliens vs Predator". The booklet states that "The Combi Stick requires a precise aim, but inflicts devastating wounds." According to XxNemesis0320xX and fellow Combi Stick advocates, it is the weapon that was used by Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate Kennedy, the walking stick used by Bear Grylls when he becomes exhausted, the back scratchier of Chuck Norris, and the weapon of choice held by the fabled Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, who was kicked out of the gang because of his immense power making the other four look bad. Whilst one is in possession of this godsend, they are completely invincible! To properly use this weapon of mass carnage, merely heavy attack, then quickly hit the Right Trigger while they are suffering the effects of recoil. Happy Hunting!
XxNemesis0320xX: Fuck yeah, I have the Combi Stick!

Razorback117: DID YOU JUST SAY THE COMBI STICK!? Good game everybody, we have this one in the bag!

XxNemesis0320xX: You Just Lost The Game, and you are now breathing manually.
by XxNemesis0320xX April 01, 2010
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