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Usually when you get owned, it's usually by someone superior to you in a certain field that both of you are somewhat good at. Getting Columbowned is far superior as it's the act of being owned in your "top field" by someone who is seen as stupid or much lower than yourself.
Done in every episode of Columbo, he in fact Columbowns every murderer (with a few exceptions) with unorthodox methods, asking trapping questions, acting stupid, when he's in fact just building his case to Columbowning the suspect.
"The problem is, he's blocking traffic. Right in the middle of the shooting a citizen comes down, what's he gonna say..."I'm in the middle of a shooting?" Pre Columbowning done by the Lieutenant.
"I must say I found you disappointing; I mean your incompetence. You left enought clues to sink a ship. And for a man of your intelligence, you got caught in a lot of stupid lies." Columbowned was the suspect.
by MrLemonLame1 July 10, 2011
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