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He's an amazing boyfriend. Colton Mancheski is the love of my life, best friend, soul mate, my whole world, my everything. He's very honest, respectful, loving, caring, and an amazing person inside and out. He means more to me then anything on this earth. He's the type of boy that will melt your heart :) He's very hard-working and determined in everything he does. Watch out he might make you fall in love with him :) He's the only boy in this world for me. And I'm so lucky and blessed to have him in my life. No matter what we go through together, I will always be right by his side through thick and thin. He's my Colty Bear, noodles to my macoroni and cheese, dull light bulb, the love of my life, and my hero. He will always be the boy who steals my heart over and over again.
Gosh, don't you love that Colton Mancheski.
I love me some Colton Mancheski.
Colton Mancheski is the cutest.
by Kaywa February 25, 2012
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