Having colonial mentality represents a misguided non-white person (commonly a Filipino, born or living in a white country) who is extremely white washed and conforms to white social settings due to their insecurity amongst his or hers ethnic or cultural identity and history.

The background of colonisation offers colonised people to perceive that their original nation was historically inferior since the Western cultures were able to triumphantly colonise, overall settling the idea of Europeans being superior. Effectively, this mentality causes members to unknowingly or purposefully reject and criticise anything topic-related to their ethnicity or culture as they may psychologically desire acceptance within their white society.

Attitudes + behaviours may include:
- Disliking/avoiding traditions
- Eating with European cutlery
- Dressing in fashion related to anything but their heritage
- Hating your (dark) skin tone, often using products that whiten or bleach ones skin tone
- Discriminating people of their ethnicity/culture, criticising their appearance or customs
- Values the European lifestyle and people
- Will be in a relationship with a person of European descent
Filipino teen with colonial mentality:
1) "Spain was able to colonise our islands, claim then establish it as the Philippines, therefore their domination makes me appreciate Western cultures because they are superior."

2)"I hate my cultural identity because we are politically and economically imperfect. This means people will think I'm lame."
by YourSenpaiWaifu December 26, 2019