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The black man from the TV show 24. He was rudely killed by a white person where he proceeded to have an epileptic seizure of epic proportions. This fool tripped out on acid right before and during the episode was like "Whoahhh!!!!! Who the snap are you?!" even when he was being strangled. His most famous line is "Damn, too many pussies to do!". The actor playing Colonel Dubaku was caught on the set smoking weed, which when approached by fellow actors he stated "You want some...? You can't be cops... you ain't a cop right? damn fuck it heres some bud... oh shit man that hairy ass fool Granleese is gonna get me." He was mainly abused during the show of 24 with all the characters repeatedly making tell "
Why don't you slip into something more a coma".
Damn Colonel Dubaku where the shit is the fucking bud?! I ordered it hours ago! Don't be a fucking granleese.

Fuck Colonel Dubaku you look like shit! While everybody has the right to be ugly, YOU ABUSED THAT RIGHT!
by Dr. Ee-L Nar G. January 19, 2010
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