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The school located in Coloma, MI that is the gheyyest place you'll ever go for what they refer to as edge-a-macation. They teach you nothing. You recieve no academic benifits, and the only way your gettin a scholarship out is being a female on volleyball or basketball.

Also home tp some of the worst teachers. A history teacher is a raciest and sexest pig, and a spanish teacher who downgrades you because you're an American. You're more likely to learn something from the smartass students then you are from the actual teachers.

One positive in this school is the students. Some of the most accepting, diverse, and careing individuals. The styles vary greatly from the gangstas to the emos and goths and all the in-betweens including jocks, scene kids, preps, nerds and all around wierdos.
gheyy Coloma High School pig scene kids
by cutthehurrshort March 06, 2010
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