No-I'm not colluding with anyone to do it I'm just GOING TO do it. You're not a part of this. You know you'll just get in that way AND you're a betrayal hazard. You just relax.
Hym "No- Colluding to kill God implies I'm not working alone-"

Iam "Um... Hello."

Hym "You don't count."

Iam "Aw..."

Hym "Quiet! I'M going to kill it. Kill it REAL dead. Kill it here. Kill it THERE. And then build a thing out of it's bones. That's the plan. I'm also not a scientist. Well... Social scientist technically (And a genius on at that)- BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT! YOU are fine. YOU don't worry about it. Gonna fix this absolute-fucking hachet-job of a reality and you just fucking... I don't know, go play or something."
by Hym Iam September 20, 2023
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