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A school in a BUBBLE!!! Yes, it literally sits in a big bubble where nobodies children can learn about life outside the bubble. Instead the kids are taught and conditioned only for life inside the bubble. While it is above the public school curriculum, it still is not a good place to send your kids if you want them to turn out somewhat normal.
Me: Yeah I go to Collegedale Academy...

Tom: wtf is that?

Me: It's an SDA private school. It's pretty cool if you're stoned though. Like... today in bible class I learned that the pope is the anti-christ.
by dogbyte420 June 23, 2011
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My, both these defs seem rather unrealistic...
It's not that bad of a place, but you won't be going to heaven just if you go here. Truly, it is only a very average place. Okay for learning.
by The Hitokiri Battousai June 25, 2004
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its a great school to learn alot about God, and yes God is great! read the bible, if not.. well ill wave to you from heaven.
You can learn alot at Collegedale Academy.
by Mr. Wiggles June 08, 2004
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