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A school in the Bronx with a 7 to 1 ratio of girls to guys. Nice for the guys, terrible for the girls. Most of the teachers are Russian and have terrible breath. The campus is small but sometimes pretty. The spellman cafeteria food is pretty terrible and the cooks are most likely ex-convicts. One of the cooks has missing teeth. The dorms are a decent size but it's way too small of a school. Pot is smelt everywhere on campus and everyone smokes. There are no frats, sororities or sports houses and besides drinking in dorms or going to winners, there is nothing to do. Nothing ever goes on. It is a division 3 school and the sports teams are really embarassing to watch to the point where you feel bad. Most of the people can't play sports for their life. The mascot is the dolphins and it's actually really frightening and doesn't even look like a dolphin. Some of the boys are attractive but don't go past 5'3 with the exception of some of the basketball players. There are pretty lame events that go on and they screw everyone over regarding finances. There are foreign exchange students in Seton and the fourth floor of spellman and it is ridiculous. Drinking takes place all the time and there are constant fire drills for no reason. They give a lot of money and the school is located in the nice area of the bronx, Riverdale, but it's still ridiculous. Nice people, okay school.

I smell pot and there is nothing to do, I must be at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.
by EMESVEEPROBLEMS December 10, 2011
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