One of the best songs in Metal gear ever, played when fighting Senator Armstrong
The unenlightened masses
They cannot make the judgment call
Give up free will forever
Their voices won't be heard at all
Display obedience
While never stepping out of line
And blindly swear allegiance
Let your country control your mind
Live in ignorance
And purchase your happiness
When blood and sweat is the real cost
Thinking ceases, the truth is lost
Don't you worry
You'll be told exactly what to do
I give my people the lives they need
The righteous will succeed
The fires of greed will burn the weak
So we'll make freedom obsolete
Making whole the fabric of society
Collective consciousness controlled as you will see
Let your country control your soul
Let your country control your soul
Let your country control your soul
Let your country control your soul
by ChefArmstrongFromMGR:R May 23, 2022
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-Hey, Did you know that "Collective Consciousness" fits one -to-one with "All I Want For Christmas Is You"?
-I am not joking
by Guessmyname109 February 26, 2023
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expounds a predisposed mindset, view or directive imposed upon the social group collective by subversive and coercive means. A measure at times implemented in an attempt at coercing and as such manipulating state elections and also a societies moral and social compass.
In Democracies primarily where the voice of its citizens via the Ballot Box define the state's policies etc. , the collective consciousness measure is a primary tool used by the state so to dictate upon the people a predisposed state desired outcome.
by Baron Neville July 18, 2019
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