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A predominately white suburban neighborhood in Cypress Texas filled with entitled kids that wear white converse, chacos, and whatever shoes Kanye just dropped. Most people here care more about sports than academics and most of the girls listen to rap in order to feel "gangster". All of the houses look pretty much the same, which reflects how most of the people try to act as well. The infamous "Coles Crossing Moms" are a bunch of status crazy ladies that can be seen power walking on the trails in groups, acting as if they are still in high school and gossiping about their neighbors. There are some good people here though, they're just hard to find because they don't bother with social media or trying to be the loudest one in the room in order to get attention.
"Dang I see you flexing with your parents money. How Coles Crossing of you."

"We had to stop playing tag at recess because some kid got hurt one time and the next day the teachers got a swarm of emails from the Coles Crossing moms."
by lemonpancakeswithicecream August 03, 2018
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