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Very few guys have this rare type of character.

A man who has two sides, Positive and Negative.

Positive: He is the warm hearted and respectful of you. His smile could make the sun rise. His caring eyes lift the burden off you shoulders. His chivalry reminds you of an honored knight. Smooth words of his would have you feel warmer than you have ever felt. No matter what happens, he could make you smile. Think of all the happy things you can think of, then think of Cole.

Negative: He is hateful. Angered about something and keeps it all inside. irritable. Most of all, pissed off. His scornful eyes make you feel blank and worthless.

If he is a jerk, he will soon turn that around, leaving you remembering nothing could ever compare to his positive traits combined.

Usually This type of Cole is neutral. Sometimes negative and rarely all the traits of positive.

Known traits:
He is slightly pervy, but just around his friends.
And also will always be respected as a man.
Very intelligent, and might get into heated arguements debating who is right.
Complicated personality
Very Funny, Good at improv.

And his glassy eyes will remind you of a calm turquoise sea
Dude: Yeah, My friend has an Cole Character Type
Anonymus: Wow! You Know a Cole? That character type is quite rare. Like a magnet, Positive, Negative and VERY attractive!
by Ich bin Nachtraben August 30, 2010
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