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Kindly put, people who dislike and/or constantly criticize the british alternative band, Coldplay.

...Not-so-kindly put (yet truthfully), people (mostly males) who claim to hate or strongly dislike Coldplay, mostly because of petty reasons such as the lead singer's decision to name his daughter Apple, the fact that they sound a bit like Radiohead, and the few claims of plagiarism made against them.

I've repeatedly found that 70-80% of Coldplay haters normally consist of avid death metal, emo/screamo or rap listeners; extremely close-minded people, men trying far too hard to be masculine, or just people with terrible taste in music. Many include all of these traits.

Many, many haters try way too hard to be clever with their insults, and usually end up overstating the band's faults extremely.

The main trait that most Coldplay haters tend to share is a longing to appear "cool" or "hardcore" in their musical tastes. for example, you won't normally find a dubstep or heavy metal listener admitting their love for Coldplay.

They will often call the band 'gay', and whiny, as well as stating that 'only fags' listen to the band.

Many choose to target the lead singer, Chris Martin (as made evident in uD entries for him), deeming him a whiny middle-aged man; and nothing more.

Coldplay haters can also, though rarely, be people who just don't like the band, rather than hate them, and just choose not to listen to them instead of constantly bashing them.
Coldplay hater: "dude, Coldplay is so gay. all they do is whine and they sing about...feelings. who the hell sings about feelings? theyre just so gay and their frontman named his kid after a fruit and theyre stupid and yeah." ((coldplay hater proceeds to put on headphones and blast Metallica at full volume))

Coldplay supporter: "Looks like someone had a bit too much haterade to drink. Why don't you just go rant about it on urban dictionary?"
by lilianloves March 23, 2012
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