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The act of stealing a song from a guitar god, and not giving him any credit for it. Usually ends in a lawsuit after the plagerist ignores months of repeated attempts by the original songwriter to resolve the issue out of court. Coldplagerism is usually commited by over-rated douchebag musicians who are not talented enough to write a decent song on their own. Typically the stolen song will be renamed after a Spanish painting, the guitar chords are usually replaced with a crappy synthesized version, and the guitar melody is replaced with whiny vocals sung by a talentless hack.

Whether of not the courts decide to crack down on the growing problem of coldplagerism remains to be seen.

Chris Martin : "Writing music is too hard, I'll steal a song from Joe Satriani and do a cheap knock-off of it. Nobody will catch my attempt at coldplagerism"

by GuitarBob December 12, 2008
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