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A paradoxical saying, where a person is disrespected unmeasurably. It is so intense that others can feel the 'coldness' of the' burn'. The victim usually suffers severe emotional and social distress as an after effect.
Initiator: "Yo you ugly as shit nigga!"
Victim: "What'd u say mutherfucka?!"
Initiator: "Ima talkn' to you you lil boozy lookn' ass nigga homie, tryn' catch fades wit me or somethin?!"
Friend: "Damn ma nigga, dat boy be spitting straight cold fire on ya. I can feel it too u kno wat i mean."
Victim: "Real talk nigga."
by swagmaster420glazeitrealtalk October 04, 2015
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by BOB December 19, 2004
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