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pronounced (core-ee)
he is a tall awkward male in touch with his feminine side. he enjoys sports and kissing on pool tables in the dark. he is easily turned on, especially if you grab his butt. he is seemingly shy and innocent until you get to know him, then he's a real tiger. *rawr* he doesnt have the best style and he wears basketball shorts often, which is not good when he gets all hot and bothered. he is a shower freak and takes one to two showers daily. he usually gives up the good things in his life for things that will givve him his desired pleasure.
who'se that tall sweet looking guy over there?
oh that dude? he looks like he'd be a coire.

did you hear about how josh broke up with abby because she wouldnt sleep with him?
-yeah, dude, he is such a coire
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