Any information, event, place or person that is a mental hazard to see, hear or study. Doing so will only anger you or harm you.
by Doctor Jekyll Spielmann October 21, 2021
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Anything that can be dangerous to a living being when it’s perceived by any of the five senses.
Jay: Why would staring at the sun be considered a cognitohazard, but knowing about something dangerous isn’t?

Aelanna: A cognitohazard poses a danger when sensed. This can be via any of the classical senses: sight, sound, hearing, taste, or touch.
by Mr.YumYum June 23, 2021
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Cognitohazards are hazards that are brought on by the sights, and are physical. For example, looking at the sun too long is a cognitohazard."
by Vada Blu May 20, 2019
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