A demeaning way of saying brown skin. In India fair skin is a God-Send, and is a big determining of the caste stystem, ie dark=poor, ugly, fair=beautiful,prosperous. This is why 99% of Bollywood actors are fair skin. Priyanka Chopra one of Bollywood's most famous actors openly endorses fair skin and colorism by promoting the famous cream Fair and Lovely, which is widely popular in India to whiten skin and therfore move up on the social totem pole. I don't actuallly know if that works I think Gluthanione and Vitamin C works better I don't know nigga I'm not endorsing colorism I'm just writing about it. Colorism in India became widespread after the British took over India in 1858 and enforced their standard of beauty on them and even after the liberation of India in 1947, colorism is even worse today than back then due to the movie inudstry and social media. This doesn't just affect Darkskin Indian women though as it affects Darkskin Indian Men as well. Darkskin Indians are mostly from South India which is closer to the equator therfore hotter requiring more melanin to protect from the sun than North India. Darkskin Indian Men are consistently rated the ugliest race not just in India but all across the world and especially in Europe and United States. This has led to a mass movement of skin whitenning for men in India with the new product Fair and Handsome. Overall the whole world think Darkskin Indians are subhuman streetshitting trash who are bottom scum.
Example 1: Darkskin Indian Guy: Hey how's it going.

White Girl: Ewww get away from me you Cofeeskin

2nd White Girl: Indian guys are fucking gross girl, smell like curry and are nerds, only those bollywood guys are hot

Example 2: Darkskin Indian Women: I wish I could be like Priyanka Chopra and all those other fair actors

White Guy: Yeah then you probably wouldn't be a 27 year old virgin lol ugly ass Coffeeskin bitch, go make me a slurpee loser
by juan tortiiakaka;l;ak April 27, 2020
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