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1) An emo fagget ass CUNT who enjoys slitting his wrists every Friday and Saturday night when he goes to show because somebody accidentally hit his hand while moshing. He can't stand the pain, therefore he goes to the bathroom and cuts :D
2) An overly emotional homosexual who likes ugly girls and has dead and overgrown hair that looks like a horrible imitation of Oli Sykes. Enjoys going to Hottopic every weekend but cries every time he goes because he can't find his chosen band shirt in his size, therefore, he goes into the dressing room and slits his wrists even more :D
3) A cool cat! :
1) "Look at that kid trying to mosh. He's going to end up being such a Codizzle,"

2) Codizzle: "Hey girls, look, I'm OLI SYKES!!!!!"
Ugly girl: "Ewwwwwwwwwwww, look at that dead overgrown hair and that oversized band shirt,"

3)"I named my cat Codizzle!"
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