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{kok-ee lit-l fley-mer}
-adjective, -noun

Used to describe a tiny and annoying person who thinks highly of himself and usually resembles a homosexual hobbit who is only capable of growing a moustache or goatee.
This person usually enjoys engaging in sexual acts (blowjobs, rimjobs, taking it in the pooper, etc.) with other males in order to recharge his 'cockiness' or may simply use his flamboyant ways to annoy people.
Hafiz: Hey Mitch did you hear about that guy who was annoying everybody with offers of free rimjobs in the library?! Hopefully somebody tases that idiot.

Mitch: Yea man, I think that may have been that Kyle guy... Pretty unbelievable that they even allow Cocky Little Flamers like that in the library.

Hafiz: Word.
by Pure_Awesome January 19, 2011
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