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Cockus-Rex (Cockús-Rex) was a type of dinosaur, it’s fossils were first discovered in 2013, in the Toach region of Yemen by world reknown archeologist, James Randall Maynor III. Cockus-Rex is very similar to a T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex) and is infact a cousin Species to it. What distinguishes these creatures is the Cockus-Rex’s giant and dominate penis, which is rumored to have reached at maximum errection a length of 20.1 inches. And at most times 17 inches. Cockus-Rex was truly the dominate dinosaur and it was solely a Male Species but was also asexual, enabling it to reproduce with itself. It is also believed that when Cockus-Rex ejaculated, that it’s semen could reach maximum speed of Moch 7. Cockus-Rex is believed to have been worshipped by the early homosapiens for his massive, God-like Penis, which is commonly referenced in the Porn Industries. Cockus-Rex is truly the definition of God. And male peak performance.

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Cockus-Rex’s Penis is legendary.
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by Dr.Species February 10, 2019
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