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(Kok-Junkee) A person ravishly addicted to the male genitalia.
Man: Man, It's been 5 days since I've had a penis
Man 2: You're such a cockjunky.
by Jack Shackington February 26, 2006
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An individual whose obsession with cock is a mania and/or uses cock as a recreational tool. Cock junkies usually are female, bulemic and have daddy issues. Therefore the cock is used as a way to get male attention. However instead of loving and care, the cock junky is getting attention via cock. Cock Junkies sometimes travel in small packs consisting of a lead girl who is of great wealth and expresses it through her exterior dress and foul/transparent attitude, a less attractive female who either has acne, braces or has mysterious lumps in her pants, and an unattractive and brainless blonde. Cock junkies can usually be found roaming the halls of large malls and flirting with men that are twice their age.
Detective 1 "Gina is a cock junky, she slept with old man Wilson and Joey McKay in the same night."

Detective 2 "Hot damn"
by Cocksandwichez August 28, 2010
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