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A desperate and extreme act of cockblocking, based on the kamikaze principle of self-destruction as an offensive technique. Cockikaze is the act of cockblocking with such power and zeal that you not only prevent others from getting any, but yourself as well. Can also be used as a title for anyone performing a cockikaze act, or as an adjective for extraordinary and reckless cockblocking behavior.
As a noun: "We gotta clear this party out before mom and dad get back. I'm gonna do a cockikaze; the dudes will leave if we can drive all the chicks out; none of them hoes are bangable anyway."

As a title: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Commander Cockikaze, and I'm licensed and certified in the art of cockblocking. That means I'll be making sure nobody gets laid tonight, myself included!"

As an adjective: "This party is a complete clusterfuck. I had these two hotties on my jock, then some douchebag went totally cockikaze and tried to felch the neighbors' dog, and all the chicks left. Now it's a sausage fest!"
by Admiral Viggo August 08, 2014
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