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Cockfodder refers to teenage girls and young women (generally ages 12 to 19) who are pretty, naive, and have no understanding of what primarily drives men, viz. sex; hence they are fodder for sex (i.e. cock).

They will believe any story/ lie/ bullshit in order to have a boyfriend/ relationship, and accordingly be subject to/ coerced into the sex act. The term Cockfodder is not restricted to virgins.
The schoolgirls walk home to their tenements and slums. Men look on, envious of their youth, lustful of their slim legs and hips, developing breasts and the innocence in their eyes.

What does life hold for these future mothers? Only broken dreams, for here walks the cockfodder that will give birth to the next illegitimate generation.
by MMark November 08, 2009
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Cock fodder, meaning someone who is expendable or in simpler terms, a tool used by males for ejaculate depository.
A relatively useful phrase with a simple construction, 'fodder' being a substitution for the word 'food' and 'cock' being the male genitalia, ergo food for cock.
Usually females being the front line of sluts are 'cock fodder' taking as much action as they can in order to be the number one slut, although are rarely the most desirable either through genetics or through environmental factors. They are however, necessary for the survival of mankind.
" Dude, you see that Cock Fodder over there? Shes spent too much time on the frontline."
"Shes my sister...."
by Warduk October 04, 2010
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Much like 'cannon-fodder' (a term used for soldiers being needlessly sacrificed), cock-fodder is the term for a female (or male) who lets herself be destroyed by multiple cocks.
''Sophie, you don't need to be such Cock-Fodder"

"Poor girl/boy. A night of being Cock-Fodder has left her ruined"

"When I grow up I want to be Cock-Fodder"
by Kenneth Wang-Child May 21, 2010
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Cock Fodder (n.)- The build-up of lotion and cum between the fingers when masturbating.
Oh man, my little sister is a nasty cunt. She watched me jack off indianstyle and then begged for a taste of my cock fodder!
by W. Gordon May 14, 2006
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