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A film that is designed to appeal primarily to men, because of its content or cast of characters.

Although many types of film may be directed towards the male gender, "cockflick" is typically used only in reference to films that are not heavy in emotion (but often heavy in petting) and where the story is told largely through physical action as opposed to dialogue.

(noun) (slang) (sometimes considered offensive)
Barry: I watched the Van Damme box set last night and didn't go to bed till 3 - I'm totally cockflicked out.
Fred: You're a cockflick addict.
Barry: Dude, I know, and I rented Rocky for tonight.
Fred: Your girl is going to be so tired of your cockflickering. You have a problem.
by Rosefinch January 18, 2010
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To flick a penis. Also a gay porn movie.
John thought it would be funny to give me a cock-flick, he delves in those cock-flick pictures though.
by Robert Head April 16, 2007
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