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Once upon a time, there was hideous creature living in the forest. Its name was Cockerella. It ate prada phones and kids named Nathan O for breakfats, lunch, and dinner. And midnight snacks. Whenever it needed a haricut, it would take a wooden bowl, put it on its head and shave the ends off. However, the creature was very hairy, and it had to do this ritual for all of its body parts. Even those that cannot be named. Many hunters tried to capture it, but they would always flee at the sound of its terifying piss. PSHHH. PSHHH. Just the thought of it gives me shivers. But one day, the beast was pissing so loudly, a little girl named Ka'Liqua'Shifria'Niqua stumbled from her happy country farm into the forest, wondering what on earth it was. When the girl saw the utrocity, she screamed so loud that Cockerella fell backwards, right into a dab of sunscreen. When it realized, it got so angry that it ate poor little Ka'Liqua'Shifria'Niqua, but was so embarassed about the misshap, that it never dared to show its face to anyone again. Some say they can still hear the echoes of its chronic horrifying piss, but most of the Nathans in the village can finally feel safe sleeping at night. THE END :)
I love Cockerella.
by Nataliussss June 08, 2009
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