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A boomerang made out of ones severed penis.

Wait until you reach climax and decapitate your penis from your body. You can blow into either end to fill the penis with air to keep it erect for enough time to use the Cockerang. Then bend it at as right angle.

You now have your Cockerang... you can throw it at unsuspecting pedestrians for pleasure. If you throw it hard enough it can climax in mid air.

The reason it’s a boomerang is because if you do hit someone, there is a very high chance they will return the favour... thus it ‘returns’ to you.
David Hansen: I chopped my dick off and used it as a boomerang

Alfred the Mankiller: Dude... that’s a Cockerang
by Grant Hansen July 01, 2018
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When the pussy is so good after giving it to her once, you come back around later for more. Similar to the throw and return of a boomerang.
Man, Verna got that bomb nana! She's got me throwing that cockerang!
by Dirt Nap Ninja July 16, 2016
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