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1. A cat or other household pet who sneaks under one's bedcovers during the night and nips at one's penis.

Orig: NY, Amber and Jake.

2. One who uses his or her teeth, intentionally or accidentally, when performing fellatio.

3. See douche, douchebag, tool, asshole, etc. May be used sarcastically.
Your damn iguana's a little cockchomper.

OR What's up, cockchomper?
by Jask November 01, 2004
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Cock Chomper: Anyone that chomps, bites, chews, nibbles, or otherwise gnaws on a man's genetalia. Also known as a Shlong Slurper or a Wang Whistler.
Ted: My wang hurts like hell.
Bill: What happened to it?
Ted: I found out that your girlfriend is a cock chomper.
by JSK8eRF January 08, 2005
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