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A promiscous, slutty chick whose primary purpose for existance is to attract as much cockmeat as possible so that she may always be full of male ejaculate. Not overly concerned if the jizz is sliding down her throat or dripping out her dirty snatch.

May also be a particular item said female would use to help lure helpless penis meat in her direction.
That girl is total cockbait. Every Friday night she is out trolling the bars with her merry band of skanks hoping to score a dick in her mouth.

Even though shannon wouldn't admit it, her new swimsuit, purpusefully chosen to show off her ample cleavage was nothing but cockbait. She hoped the additional cockbait would help her snag some nice water cock when her and Jennifer go boating and there are hundreds of drunk horny guys about the lake.

Shannon"My cockbait worked like a charm. I had a guy below deck in no time...he shot a huge load all over my titties...I sucked 5 more guys off in the stabbin cabin that very weekend"

Jen - "Whore"
by Little Dick June 29, 2012
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A girl or woman dressed and/or with makeup applied in such a way as to be a sexual lure to men.
The first thing Bonnie did when entering the bar was to change into a shorter skirt and remove her bra in the ladies' room. She completed her transformation by letting down her hair and applying more lipstick to emphasize her mouth.

After she put her more modest skirt and her bra in the trunk, when she was returning to take her seat alone at the bar, she felt the men's eyes on her. So many men's eyes, caressing her and undressing her, stripping her naked. Almost immediately the bartender placed a drink in front of her. "From that gentleman over there," he told her.

She took a sip, looked at the man and smiled. For a brief moment she thought about her husband at home with the kids, about the argument they'd had about her going out. Cock bait is what he'd called her, even before she'd left home. "If he thought I was cock bait then," she thought defiantly, "he should see me now."

The handsome young man who had bought her the drink was already moving around the bar, in her direction. Yes he had eyes like that, he was looking at her with bold probing eyes like the others. She gave a shiver of anticipation, allowing herself to imagine where the night might lead, how it might end. She knew she'd be drunk by then; she knew how she got when she was drunk. "I'm cock bait," she thought. "Yes."
by July41944 May 31, 2009
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A male of questionable sexual orientation. Usually having femine personality traits and/or a metrosexual fashion sense.
Dude, look at the douchebag with the feauxhawk and the skin-tight jeans...what a cock bait.
by SCF April 23, 2008
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