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When you are woken usually after a night of heavy drinking; by the need to poo so hits you so hard, it literally wakes you up leaving you no other choice but to run to the bathroom to relieve yourself. Wrecking your sleep perminently.
"How did you sleep last night?"
"Awful, I got hit by a cockadoodlepoo at like 6am."
"Dude that's squirly"
by Lewhite January 03, 2010
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1. Having anal sex and getting your banana covered in bad chocolate.
So I started to plug her in the butt and next thing you know cock a doodle poo!
by Bud E Love May 14, 2003
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When the rooster days of strutting around with an unclipped beak filling up the hatcheries from banging defenseless hens are over. It's when the bachelor flocks anal pecking causes a lot more than explosive diarrhea. It's when the promiscuous days start to take their toll and the rooster begins to whoop Faecal droppings uncontrollably creating a cheap ass comedy act which causes embarrassment and feather staining.
Dr Chook: "If you're going to allow Giffer into the house, you'd have to start putting him in nappies"
Delaware: "Nappies!, why do they have chicken nappies?"
Dr Chook: "Of course they do, there's many colours to choose from. They're reusable and you can just drop the poo into your garden"
Delaware: "Great, I shall buy him nappies". "He likes to come in and lay on the couch and play fortnite, eat all our food, he even invites his canine friend Tom and they both snuggle up together in bed, at least i don't have to worry about picking up trails of droppings". "He actually entertains us with his lame jokes that all end with Cock-a-doodle-poo"
Dr Chook: "They have purple nappies with bling on sale at the Chookmedclinic if your're interested"
Delaware: "Thanks, I'll go check them out later"
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by chicken diapers April 13, 2018
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