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Pronounced (Coke-AH-hohr)

1. Adjective: generally describes a fat, ugly, and fake female who fucks their friends' boyfriends then pretends that they are the victim in the situation.

2. Noun: a female who fucks their friend's boyfriend, is usually manly in nature, and is self conscience about their appearance, so they fuck/attempt to fuck everything in sight.

3. Verb: To be fucked by the above mentioned, usually followed by harassment.
Example #1.

"Dude, you're ex is such a Cochawhore; you better get checked for the herps!"

Example #2.

a. "I can't believe my friend would fuck my boyfriend! What a Cochawhore!"

b. Friend: "Ashley, why would you be my friend, then fuck my boyfriend?"

Cochawhore: "Come on, you know I'm a Cochawhore"

Friend: "Oh that's right... Fatass"

Example #3.

a. "Dude, she totally Cochawhored me last night!"

b. "Dude, that Cochawhore keeps Cochawhoring me!"
by thejewishgerbil April 07, 2011
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