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n. The conversation held between two or more people, usually during a social event (art opening, concert, party, etc.), who discuss ideas and possible collaborative activities, even to the point of exchanging information, only to have all efforts fall flat and nothing ever becomes of it.

adj. Coblabberate: the act of coblabberation; often when one realizes, in mid-conversation, that the tentative plans between him and another to work together will mostly likely never happen.
Ex. 1) See that guy over there? I met him at a party last week and we coblabberated about a film idea he had. He never called me back.

Ex. 2) I had a coblabberation with Miss X a few months ago. All talk and no show - I was so disappointed.

Ex. 3) ... And I thought, "I'm just coblabberating with him right now; I don't have any intention on actually contacting him about his show".
by orkitheluvcheese February 06, 2010
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