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Coatesville is a small city located approximately 1 hour in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Coatesville is the only city in Chester County and is widely known for it's cultural diversity. Coatesville has a bad reputation within Chester County but this is mainly due to Racism and Ignorance. While most people think of Coatesville as the 10 blocks within the city, in fact Coatesville encompasses numerous outside townships. If you are a resident of Coatesville, you could possibly live on a farm, in the city or in a suburban neignborhood. Coatesville schools not only provide quality educational experiences but also offer a priceless cultural education. People who are graduates and/or former residents of Coatesville will speak of how living in Coatesville has shaped who they are today and has made them better, more socially aware members of society.
We are going to Coatesville, Pa to watch the Christmas parade.
by sick-of-ignorance-mom March 20, 2009
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