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Coat Switching is when you change your language and mannerism to adapt to a cultural or religious environment. Similar to "code switching" which is more often used to express something or someone using more than one language or dialect. Coat Switching is used more to convey who you are as a person
example 1. The boyz from the hood "coat switched" around the new girls parents, trying to make a good first impression so that she would get their permission. example 2. The boy was coat switching on his return to the Islands so the "locals" accepted him.
by runvolcano December 10, 2016
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When two separate couples are having sex and using condoms, the men roll their condoms off themselves and switch condoms with each other.
The porn I was watching was weird enough, then all of a sudden there was a coat switching in the middle of a foursome.
by Twice bitten June 26, 2009
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