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1. This basically describes someone who's very nice but also fucking crazy, and someone that almost everyone loves. Someone that is still struggling to figure out who they are and how they want to present themselves to their friends, teachers, and peers.

2. A foul-mouthed, christian-bashing, arm-twisting, insecure, flamboyant, abortion-loving, assumption making, soda chugging, politically savvy, crass, unethical, un-athletic, sleep-deprived, sports clueless, hair feeling, white-out sniffing, oprah loving, porn viewing, eccentric, shy, hippy, conniving, extreme liberal atheist moron in dire need of anti-psychotic medication who will not even consider for a moment thinking before speaking.

3. Can also describe someone with a lot of rumors floating around because they say stupid shit, and usually regret it either because of guilt or embarrassment. A CoKunz generally tries to do what is right, but when they don't, they are willing to lie about anything, fabricate any story, and distort any reality in order to discredit the people that tell the truth about them, and will always come up with the same overused "I've been framed!" excuse. Are they like their gay little Idols, the Clintons? No. They're worse. Does the truth matter to a CoKunz? Yes...when it serves their purpose at the moment. If you see a CoKunz, don't let it near your cat, it might kick it, don't let one near your baby, either, it might abort it.
"I think that kid over there is a CoKunz."

"Was he telling you about how we should tax the shit out of the rich to give money to fat lazy poor people, how prostitution should be legal, or how he stayed up till 2 AM watching oprah?"

by wowzers in my trowzers2 May 15, 2009
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