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Stands for Call of Duty Only Player
Refers to gamers who think that Call Of Duty™ is the only game out there. One can easily recognize them because they usually post questions about problems they have without specifying which game they are talking about (since they take it for granted that Call Of Duty™ is the only game that people play). They are also characterized by limited mental capacity and often fail to spell their nick name properly.
Originated on the Forums, a site for gamers in in the Maltese Islands where Call of Duty is practically the only game anyone plays, at least in the first person-shooter genre.
Someguy: hey, man have you seen Left 4 Dead its so awesome!

CoDoP: Huh?

Someguy: Left 4 Dead from Valve the same guys who made Half-Life.

CoDop: .................... COD2 zombie mod?

Someguy: -_-
by rebVodka August 13, 2009
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