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The beloved stuffed animal toy belonging to Eric Cartman, which he has owned since the beginning of South Park.

Apart from his games console, Clyde Frog was by far Eric's favourite toy. He was seen playing with it regularly, including times when he held a tea party and pretended that the toy insulted him, or when he used it as a deputy sheriff helping to rescue "Salma Hayek" in his version of Wild Wild West.

Clyde Frog met a grisly end when Kyle ripped off his head to get his revenge for Cartman giving him HIV in the episode "Tonsil Trouble".
Cartman: Would you like some tea, Clyde Frog?

Clyde Frog: Yes, please, Eric. Why are you so cool?

Cartman: Oh. I don't know, Clyde Frog. I just am.

Clyde Frog: I think you're a big fat piece of crap.

Cartman: Eeeyy!
by zackpliskin November 09, 2009
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See that doll in my sisters room, I clyde frogged it last night.

Anyone wanna clyde frog this stuffed tiger??
by thecameller August 16, 2009
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