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An environment (home, work, friends house) that is totally filled full of crap, and highly disorganised. In a Clutterosphere, you can usually put something down somewhere and it disappears. Sometimes, never to be found. A lot like the Bermuda Triangle. Stuff Avalanches occur quite often in the Clutterosphere too and are quite commonplace.

Old, retired people, or tramps in run down areas like slums usually live within a Clutterosphere environment. Student's and young people like kids often live in them too. A Clutterosphere can also be unsanitary and dangerous to your health, especially if said party can't comprehend the concept of tidying up and keeping things clean.
"Damn this spare room and its clutterosphere. I can't find my shit for work, or find shit all in here dammit!"
by Darkthetamene July 12, 2007
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