a moment in time that forces one to clasp their hand to their chest, out of fear or shock, as if trying to protect an imaginary pearl necklace. A new phrase among the gay Maryland circle
When I saw Taylor at the park with Noah, I was totally clutching pearls!

Man, when I heard that John was in that car accident I was totally Clutching My Pearls

Girl, when that truck full of skinheads pulled up next to the car I had to clutch my pearls!
by Perryn Morris December 29, 2007
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To place your hand on your collar or around your neck in a prudish way as to display shock or disgust towards someone or something.

The imagery is that of a rich woman clutching her peal necklace in fear/shock.
That comedian was so vulgar that I clutched my pearls during the entire show.

Did you see that ugly baby!?!? ::say this as you clutch your pearls::

by VickyJames May 19, 2008
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