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When a group of girls go out for a night on the town, they are only clubinitnopenis if a majority of them appear to be single.
Dude, check out that they are totally clubinitnopenis.
by Rogue Rider May 16, 2010
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1. When a group of girls go out for the night with no male company. Also known as a "girl's night out."

2. Can also be applied to males, in an insultory fashion. Anytime a male goes to a nightclub, dance club, or similar establishment, no matter what his intentions are, he can be said to be clubinitnopenis. The implication is that in going to said establishments, the male is relinquishing his "man card."

Definition 2 is synonymous with douchebag, gay, fag, etc.
1. "Dude, your odds of picking up girls at clubs is said to be significantly better if they are clubinitnopenis."

2. Yes, but you don't want to be clubinitnopenis yourself...
by The Yehgon June 25, 2010
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